Successful collaboration unveiled in cross-border project meeting

The Decentralized Administration of Epirus - Western Macedonia, in partnership with the Civil Protection Institute of the University of Western Macedonia and the Municipality of Voio, orchestrated a highly productive working meeting on November 6, 2023, as part of a cross-border initiative.

The gathering, held at Trabantzeio Gymnasium in the city of Siatista, served as a platform for participants to discuss and present the outcomes of the project’s relevant actions. Diverse representatives from competent agencies, including Municipal Authorities, Police, Fire Service, EKAB, Civil Protection, Rescuers, and Voluntary Organizations, were in attendance. Mr. Ioannis Bakouros, the Director of the Civil Protection Institute and SITRANS coordinator, skillfully coordinated the meeting.

Concurrently, the introduction of the SITRANS program garnered substantial interest from all participants. Emphasizing its importance, the program was highlighted as a pivotal step towards evaluating the economic and social impact of the energy transition. Furthermore, it was noted that SITRANS contributes to enhancing governance for a just transition through the establishment of the Just Energy Transition Observatory.

Following the project presentations, a dynamic roundtable discussion unfolded, engaging both partners and authorities. The exchange of views encompassed both projects, with discussions centering on their progress. This collaborative effort signifies a significant stride towards achieving the objectives outlined in these impactful initiatives.