EU Commission initiative for coal regions transition in Western Balkans and Ukraine

Building bridges for a just transition by helping coal regions to move towards a carbon-neutral economy.

In a significant move towards sustainable energy transitions, the SITRANS project is sharing the European Commission initiative, “Coal Regions in Transition in Western Balkans and Ukraine,” aimed at aiding the transition of coal-dependent areas. The initiative provides financial support, capacity building, and collaboration mechanisms to facilitate a just and inclusive shift towards cleaner energy sources.

The Initiative for coal regions in transition in the Western Balkans and Ukraine was launched in December 2020 and aims to help countries and regions to move away from coal towards a carbon-neutral economy, while ensuring that this transition is just. It will deliver support to coal regions in EU neighbouring countries, namely in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Ukraine.

The SITRANS project actively engages in this mission, working to empower coal-dependent regions by fostering innovation, promoting renewable energy, and ensuring a smooth transition towards a sustainable future. The EU’s initiative reflects a determined effort to lead the way in addressing environmental concerns and promoting green economic development.

For more information, visit the European Commission webpage.