Collaboration in action: partners meeting in Korca, Albania, addresses project goals and introduces SITRANS program

Korca, Albania – In the pursuit of a significant initiative, a collaborative partners' meeting unfolded in Korca, Albania, on 23 September 2023, as part of a noteworthy project.

The project’s overarching objective is to cultivate a co-creation and co-design approach with a focus on fostering risk awareness, effective communication, and educational activities tailored for the wider public, volunteers, first responders, and civil protection services.

The University of Western Macedonia, through MaterLab, spearheaded the coordination of this pivotal partners’ meeting in conjunction with the Civil Protection Institute, under the esteemed guidance of Professor I. Bakouros. The meeting served as a strategic platform for in-depth discussions and coordination of actions related to the project, aiming to fortify collaboration among partners and authorities to ensure the project’s goals are effectively realized.

Concurrently, the gathering featured the introduction of the SITRANS program, drawing significant interest from participants, including police authorities, fire services, emergency responders, and local authorities. Emphasizing its pivotal role, the SITRANS program was highlighted as a critical milestone in assessing the economic and social impact of the energy transition. Additionally, it was underscored that the program plays a key role in enhancing governance for a just transition, notably through the establishment of the Just Energy Transition Observatory.

Following insightful project presentations, a dynamic roundtable discussion unfolded, bringing together partners and authorities. The discourse delved into the progress of both projects, fostering an exchange of views that enriched the understanding of their trajectories and implications. This collaborative effort marks a significant stride towards achieving the objectives set forth in these impactful initiatives.